Thanks for visiting. My name is Pete Johnson and I’ve been working in Sales for over 10 years. I really enjoy my chosen profession, meeting and talking to new people about my products and services is just a wonderful way to make a living.

But changing jobs and especially when I wanted to move up the executive ladder became a bit of a challenge at times simply because I wasn’t sure how to get a good sales resume together. I was great at the sales interviews, but I struggled a bit to get the interviews in the first place.

Well eventually after a great deal of missed opportunities a friend of mine put me on the right path, well kind of, not them personally but they put me on to a new resume book which explained what I had to do to make a great sales resume* which gets interviews. It was my personal epiphany (a moment of realization) at the time.

*Although the book is primarily written with sales personnel in mind, it is actually solid resume writing material for anyone in any profession since it really hits home the best way to ‘sell oneself’ into a vacancy – which is the key skill of a good resume is it not?

What follows then is a summary of some key points that I learnt about writing a sales resume as well as a short book review of the book mentioned.

I really hope that you find this information interesting and useful and that you succeed in your chosen field.

Thanks for reading.


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