I Didn’t Have a Clue about Writing a Sales Resume

I have always considered myself as being a reasonably good writer, I could do essays at school, reports at college and documentation (during my early employment days) at work, but for some reason I have had a real problem doing a good sales resume.

For a while I was ignorant about my skill shortage; since when I moved jobs (which I did quite frequently) it was generally via a friend or ‘a friend of a friend’. I found that once I  got the interview I would usually do a pretty good performance and get the job.

And my problem is that I get kinda bored after a few years in one particular job so I want to move on. Now in sales that not usually a problem, we’re often expected to move around a bit and that was what I was doing.

But the clincher for me was when I moved to a new state (a family thing) and I didn’t have a job to go to. And I didn’t know anyone to lean on, you know I didn’t know anyone with contacts for me to leverage so I was stuck! Even my girlfriend didn’t have any useful contacts (and it was her home state!).

So I had to do it the hard way and boy was it hard! Responding to newspaper ads, smooching it with head-hunters and of course spending a ton of time on the internet. The thing that I learnt quite quickly was that I didn’t have a clue how to really write a decent sales resume. I’d apply for jobs sending out my sales resume, but I just wasn’t getting my sales interviews. And these were jobs that I knew I could do with my eyes closed!

I looked at a few online resume websites, but honestly they were all crap! Most of them looked like they were written in the 1950’s, and some of the resumes examples were so bad I could not embarrass myself by imitating them (i.e. I wouldn’t interview me if my resume looked like some of the garbage that I was reading!).

In desperation I even considered paying a ‘resume expert’ to write my sales resume for me. But I never succumbed, instead I got lucky…my friend in Singapore (of all places) sent me a link to a new ‘sales resume’ book (it’s an ebook actually). He came across a review to this book somewhere online and thought of me.

I’m going to go through the ebook (like as a book review) in a later post. But first I thought that I’d mention a couple of the points that I picked up from reading it, that I wanted to share with other sales people who might find it helpful.


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