Use Your Sales Resume To Sell Yourself

My final post before I review the How to Write a Killer Sales Resume book. Again this will highlight another key message that I took away from the book and it very much fits in with my previous posts.

And whilst I’m not giving too much away (you’ll have to grab the book yourself), I hope that you’ll take away some actionable strategies that you can adopt in order to enhance your own sales resume.

Chris (the author of the book) points out that since we are in the sales profession we should be in the sales mind-set as we prepare our resume. Basicauselly that we should be aware that we are selling ourselves to the employer and we should use our ‘sales skills’ accordingly. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? Then why did I never do that I ask myself?

You’re in Sales, Sell Yourself!

Think about it this way, if you cannot be bothered – or you convey that you are not capable enough – to sell yourself through your resume then what impression are you giving out about your actual sales ability?

This argument applies to all jobs of course, but it’s especially important in sales and marketing. So what flows from this the need to subtly self-promote – your sales resume is not the place for modesty.

As you go through your achievements use them to convey the value that bring to the table. For example demonstrate the revenue growth that you have achieved with accounts, or how you have generated extra profit through business initiatives, savings that you have brought about and new customers that you have brought on board.

Likewise the value you brought about can have been from recruitment, expansion of territory, simplification of processes, implementing new systems, re-organization etc, etc.
Value takes different forms as well as actual profit, but all forms of value contribute to the bottom line $USD. Though, profit / results will almost certainly be to the top.

In Sales – It’s all About ‘Benefits’

When working with new and existing customers, making sales usually results from stressing the benefits of a product or service, you have probably heard the phrase that ‘people buy the benefits and not the features’  (the features actually justify the purchase).

It’s similar when it comes to your sales resume.

As you prepare your sales resume stress benefits that you bring to the table – that way a potential employer is more likely to buy you. I know for a fact that when I look back at my earlier resumes, I simply listed the duties and roles that I had without any indication as to the benefits (or value?!) that those duties and roles brought about.

So as you go through your resume, please make sure that you explain or demonstrate the benefits that that experience, that duty or that skill gave your employer – and so how it could benefit them – your potential new employer.

As I said earlier, a lot of this material s actually pretty obvious, we actually know it already – that’s why we keep getting those ‘ah hah’ moments – but we’re not doing it! And that of course is the whole point! So what 70% this book does is to ‘remind you’ what you should be doing to prepare a winning sales resume. The other 30% is about tactics and refinement to give you he edge over all the other candidates out there (who have not read this book).

And next… the no-holds barred review…

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